Diego Simeone and Atletico Madrid; how do they do it?

In the era of high-pressing, adventurous teams blessed with money, Atletico were something of a throwback. Rugged, unpleasing on the eye, but breathless in a different manner. If they weren’t a team you would like playing against, they were surely a team you would give everything for.

How did they do it?

Harvey Elliott: An In-depth Report (Patreon Exclusive)

Passing, shooting, movement, situational and positional awareness, pace and physical prowess, defensive capability.

This in-depth report will explore Harvey’s many strengths and hopefully explain why he is already such a key figure 5 or 6 years ahead of his time.

Fabinho vs. Arsenal: Player Performance Review (2)

A detailed look at why Fabinho is currently up there with the best in the world in his position. How do the actions define the player? Is there more to him than a defensive midfielder in the typical mould? For the second time, Fabinho played a blinder for Liverpool against Arsenal at Anfield.