The Liverpod 020: Liverpool vs. Everton tactical breakdown

Football podcast exploring and breaking down key tactical aspects of Liverpool games. 020: Liverpool 2-0 Everton.

In this episode of the Liverpod I talk about key tactical themes and points of interest in Liverpool’s 2-0 win over Everton in the Premier League



• The usual summary of Liverpool’s positional framework and each player’s role within it.

• The role of Fabinho, Thiago and Keita when there is less space to work with.

• How the less publicised Liverpool left side operates differently from the more famous right.

• Lots on crossing.

• Matip’s role facilitating the attacking and how the dynamic between him and Trent Alexander-Arnold is crucial.

• Why Liverpool go long at kick-offs.

Plus a little on that… approach from Lampard’s team.



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