Trent Alexander-Arnold: Less is more

The recurring theme here is repetition vs. efficiency. Why attempt a failed action 23 times when, by approaching it from another angle, you can achieve your result at the first try? Why keep beating at the door you have proven to be unable to unlock? See if the backdoor is unlocked. Climb through the window instead. Against Tottenham, Trent Alexander-Arnold checked the backdoor and found it unlocked.

Joey Veerman. Player Report

Joey Veerman is a 22-year-old central midfielder from the village of Volendam, Netherlands. After playing his way through the academy and youth teams at local club FC Volendam, Joey was bought by Eredivise team Heerenveen for €550,000 in 2019. This report will explore his strengths and weaknesses to provide an all-round account on the player he is.