Our Mission

What do you love about football?

Despite the anger, frustration, heartache and contempt, why do you keep fueling the obsession?

For us, it’s all about the game. Football – so simple, so accessible and adored; yet utterly complex once you scratch the surface. This complexity is what drives us. The desire to understand a system, a player, a team; and the absolute need to become familiar with what’s offered by each of these.

The Tactical Times was created to provide the bridge between football enthusiast and statistician.

We aim to explain away all doubt. We aim to source, express and translate data into relatable terms. We don’t believe that in order to understand the tactical aspects of football, one must become an expert with data analysis. We believe that any football fan is just a few simple sentences away from comprehending and developing their own deep understanding of their team, their player or their system.

We aim to move away from the tribalism and hyperbole. We aim to provide context for our data and explain the reasons why the team you hate because history tells you to, is actually fascinating and worth understanding.

We aim to encourage adult, intelligent discussion about football. To unite football supporters over their love of the game, not their shared love for one particular team.

We will provide articles and features designed to develop understanding of the more technical, tactical and mechanical aspects of football.