New year, new decade, a big resolution

The latest idea, and definitely the biggest, is my 2020 project. The Tactical Times on the Road. This football site is becoming a travel blog. Not really, but almost. 

It’s currently early evening on the 31st December 2019. New Years eve. The most over rated night of the year. I’m sorting through video clips for an upcoming article. The thought of cheap (or not so cheap) wine is as unwelcome as it is unlikely. Getting too old for this.

When I decided to launch this website late last year (November 2018), I wanted nothing more than a place to organised thoughts about football. Something very anti-click bait, something high quality and meaningful, but nothing too complicated. I think I’ve done alright in that regard.

The Twitter account has helped, and through that we now have a wonderful community of football fans throughout the world, with a love and passion of the game as well as for their own chosen team. That’s brilliant, I had wanted it but hadn’t expected it.

There has been a few failed projects, the Youtube channel is still sitting with very little to show for itself, the FM 2020 stream fell flat on its face, despite the Patreon and donations appeals the site and podcast hosting is still a financial black hole. Worth it though. I enjoy it all so much. And I don’t plan on stopping next year.

The latest idea, and definitely the biggest, is my 2020 project. The Tactical Times on the Road. This football site is becoming a travel blog. Not really, but almost.

I love to travel, I love football, I love to travel and watch football. That’s what I’m going to do. Over the course of the 2020s (and likely beyond, to be painfully honest), I am committed to visiting each and every one of the home stadiums of the current top 103 European teams based on UEFA’s coefficient system.

The top 103 will change, I’ll try my best to stick to this list. If it becomes a top 120, a top 150, a top 200 (God help me), then so be it. The stadiums will also change, again I’ll try my best. I won’t rush to visit the San Siro or Stadio Olimpico before it is replaced, for example. It has to be organic. This is a lot of travelling, I don’t want to make things more complicated than they are already.

I will, of course, be taking you all with me (electronically, at least), I’ll be writing as I go. Twitter and the website itself will feature dedicated posts.

There are still day jobs and holiday allowances to arrange, there is no sponsorship or ‘perks of the independently owned, expensive website’ owner to exploit. And cost too, obviously. So it won’t be a particularly explosive thing, you might not hear anything and wonder whether I’ve given up and then *BANG* Tactical Times is in Slovenia!

Just good old fashioned travel and football. If you, or someone you know, wants to sponsor this endeavour, please get in touch via our TWITTER or THIS contact page (I joke, but not really).

So that’s the the big plan. There will still be smaller bits and pieces for us to all enjoy in the coming months. More on that later.

Thank you all for your continued support, and thank you for taking an interesting and making everything possible.

I love and appreciate you all. Have a great New Year and a brilliant 2020!

Here’s the list of the current top 103 European teams. It’s quite daunting.


Credit: UEFA