Plans for the future – We need your help

An update on some of our plans for the future, what to expect from us and how you, our readers and supporters, can help us moving forward.

The Tactical Times is committed to continue delivering high quality, balanced and interesting football content, and we wish for the website to remain entirely advertisement free and accessible to all without cost behind paywalls or subscriptions.

As our reader base has grown, so too have the operating costs. Alongside the cost of web hosting, there are a number of planned projects for the new year which will not come without further expense. If you have enjoyed our content, continue to enjoy our content, or want to be a part of our evolution moving forward, please consider a donation to the website.

There are plans to implement a number of new features, including video analysis, podcasts, game streaming and competitions, and with your help we truly believe we can create something really special.

It was always the vision to provide a community where football fans from all countries and walks of life can come together and discuss the beautiful game in a mature, sensible and ultimately enjoyable way, free from the hostility and tribalism that often accompanies modern football.

For this we need your help. And it really would mean so much.

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I would like to thank you sincerely for your continued support.

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