Our Data

We at The Tactical Times take data sourcing very seriously and will always properly credit the organisation from where we obtained our data. You can find a partial list of our data sources here.

We will always offer our own unique insight into tactical and statistical discussion, but the data used is readily available online. We actively encourage our readers to explore these data sources themselves to aid in their understanding.

When performing data analysis and presenting data related information, it is natural to heavily utilise an array of various annotated diagrams, charts, graphs and tables. We do not claim to own any of the data, we only claim ownership over the manner in which the data is presented (unless otherwise stated). If you wish to use any of our own graphs, charts, comparison graphics etc. please credit tactical-times.com

If you wish to reuse data found here and present it in your own way (for either personal use or for an organisation) please visit the relevant website and check their particular policies.